Nurturing the Imagination  

Painter, Dreamworker & Creative Arts Practitioner


it's that dream we carry with us

That something wonderful will happen,

That it has to happen, 

That time will open,

That the heart will open,

That doors will open,

That wells will leap up,

That the dream will open,

That one morning we'll slip in

To a harbour that we've never known

Olav. H. Hauge

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Cara Roxanne is an artist who lives on the edge of Dartmoor. 


Her paintings explore the symbolic narratives of our imagination through folk stories, dreams and the enchantment of nature.


Her work is currently sold in various outlets across the South West of England.  Cards, Prints and sometimes original pieces are available through ETSY.


Alongside her creative practice she enjoys helping others to express themselves through artistic techniques and using art and imagination as a way to play.  For information on art classes please click here. 

Cara has been exploring and decoding her dreams for over 20 years and uses this practice  to inspire her paintings.  


Dreams can function as a beacon in times of challenge, a guide to our everyday questions and a beautiful adventure into the mystery of our depths. 

To find out more about individual creative art & dream sessions please click here. 

She is also available for commissions.

a cry for help_edited
Fishing the Deep
Twilight Meadow
howling back the ice
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Cara Roxanne