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I regularly work with a variety of groups and organisations such as museums, schools & festivals (amongst others) to co create colourful visual art and illustrations, and crafty activities for adults and or children. 


Here are some examples


  • School flags

  • School banners

  • Greetings cards for schools

  • Digitally curated large pictures made up of children’s art to create a big city scape and apothecary. I embedded AR into the design to watch children’s animations and gifs.

  • A bespoke tea set for older people to help them remember stories from their past whilst they socialise

  • Games

  • A giant memorial wreath

  • A set of gifs and mini animations

  • A Seascape Exhibition

  • A variety of craft activities for adults and or children


I work regularly with Daisi, Ramm Exeter Museum and Life with Art facilitating art based sessions for a range of ages and abilities.

I have worked as a Digital Curator for projects with Daisi and have been trained and run Arts Award for both Ramm and Daisi. 

I have run an arts club and a led a multitude of groups across Devon as a lead artist including leading INSET. 

I have experience running workshops and projects both online and in person for many different organisations.   


Please click on the images for more information on projects.

List of Organisations I have worked with includes;-

Daisi- Devon Art in Schools
Ramm Museum Exeter
Life for Art
The House of Marbles, Bovey Tracey
The Crafty Hen
English Heritage (in conjunction with Blazing Tales)
House of Fairy Tales


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