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"Dreaming is imagination through sleep,
the imagination is the dream world flowing through us while we are awake"                                               
Robert A. Johnson

My fascination with dreaming began from a young age and I can still remember many of my childhood and teenage dreams, particularly those that were repetitive, frightening or just particularly vivid.  Much to the amusement of my school class peers I began painting some of my dreams in art class unknowingly at the time following in traditions such as Jung and his visionary work 'The Red Book'.  Little did I know then that I had begun a practice that would follow me through my life and influence how I connected to images though creativity. 

My late 20's and early 30's were a culturally rich time as I was fortunate to attend talks, lectures, poetry readings and workshops from a wealth of dream workers, mythologists, poets and depth psychologists in both America and within the U.K. This deeply inspiring time helped me develop my own dream work practice and discover many great books, writers and techniques to ultimately help pave my way.

By listening and recording our dreams we can discover synchronicities and patterns in our lives, that can guide us on our own path or as Jung calls it 'The path to individuation' and with it discover greater wholeness as we listen to the call of our hearts. Dreams are a bridge between the worlds, a door to our inner landscapes. I have found dreams invaluable on my own path.  Through listening to my dreams I have had much inspiration and guidance with my creativity. I would like to offer others the opportunity to discover the wealth one can discover through exploring  their dreams. 

I am currently offering individual creative dream sessions. In each session we will be exploring your chosen dream, decoding the symbolism and  the archetypes within your psyche  in order to help you reach greater understanding , learn techniques and develop your own dream relationship and creative responses. 


I am not offering counselling or a therapy , instead my sessions offer techniques and methodologies to help you explore your interior landscapes. A beacon to guide you on your own path through the woods. 

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