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Some examples of past commissions includes;-

Giant curtains

  • Giant murals

  • Illustrations for a travelling theatre on a bike

  • Logo and illustrations for vegan cafe

  • Tea towel designs for small businesses

  • Make up bag designs for small businesses

  • Logos for small businesses

  • Websites for small businesses

  • Business cards

  • Menus

  • Posters

  • Greeting cards for people

  • Children’s book illustrations

  • Adult book illustrations

  • Resource and make it guides

  • Activity sheets

  • Colouring in sheets

  • Food jars labels

  • Invitations

I sell cards, prints and gifts in outlets across Devon & online. Please click the link to view my wares. 

Please email if you are interested in ordering wholesale. 


I am currently developing my Patreon page please do pop over to have a look if you get the chance.


Thanks for looking


Cara explores symbolism, dream and the natural world through paint, creating a personal mythology with the images which emerge.  She prefers to work without a preconceived idea of what or how the picture will evolve and instead likes to apply layers of paint at random until she discovers surprise elements which she hones in on and develops in more detail. 

Often it is when she feels she has made a mistake on her paper or canvas that she encounters the true nature of what wants to be revealed.  It is with continued persistence to the painting that brings something new to explore through tone, colour or textures.  Her paintings are full of dreamlike landscapes and creatures, mirroring her inner worlds.  She mainly uses Japanese Watercolours, Inks and Gesso.


She offers both group and 1-1 art sessions online and within Devon.  If you are interested in booking a session or joining a group please leave a message or  join the mailing list below.

Below is a button for bookings for Art Sessions & Classes. Please click for more information. 

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